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By utilizing experience and combining the latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, responsive design techniques, latest UI, UX design social trends, and more, we can take your front-end development to the next level.

For Really Good Front-End Development

A website’s “front end” is comprised of all the things the user sees and interacts with directly on their screen. The main purpose of the front-end code is to interact with user, as well as present the data in a well-defined style and matter on all types of devices.

To be good, Front-End Development requires aesthetic sensitivity, programmatic rigor and business experience. To be really good it takes a rare combination of:

  • Programming Skills (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP)
  • SEO Understanding (keyword optimization, site performance)
  • UI/UX Design Talent ( human factors, visual & interaction design, usability, colors, typography)
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Custom website for Built in 2015


Find out more about this Custom Website.

Core Knowledge In Front-End Development

Users traffic sites with a large variety of devices with varying screen sizes and resolutions. Throw in different browsers (cross-browser), different operating systems (cross-platform) and different devices (cross-device), you need a front-end developer who can carefully plan out your website to account for all these variances.

Our qualified and experienced web developers have core knowledge in website development and customization and offer the following types of custom, template development services:

  • Simple template modifications
  • Modification of existing templates
  • Design and development of new templates
  • Development of custom templates from concept through implementation
  • Customize specialty templates for all specialties
  • Responsive template conversions

Responsive Design Development

Due to our meticulous attention to front-end development best practices, and responsive design, our work performs flawlessly across all platforms and devices. We use clean, modern code and constantly test and retest development solutions, ensuring a consistent message and feel whether it’s displayed on a 52” monitor or a smartphone.

With a custom-made CSS3 Includes Solution we can control the HTML layout to such an extent that every pocket of information floats allowing us to arrange it anyway we want and trigger visibility at any resolution.

We Work With Your Designs & Mock-ups

The front-end developer is the bridge connecting the designer and back-end. Our developers work alongside the project’s lead designer to find the balance between presentation and performance and code it into the front-end to ensure the highest level of design accuracy and user experience. We convert their PSD & PNG into interactive, HTML templates.

This process is time consuming and requires both disciplines working together not only to deliver the most elegant and smooth experience possible but also to potentially unveil opportunities for greater performance as well as aesthetic enhancements.

Front-End Development In More Detail

Front end development is a discipline that involves a suite of technologies and abilities to provide rich user experiences for all devices:

Markup (HTML5) – The structure of the page is the foundation of websites, essential for search engine optimization, using the right tags, attributes, classes and ids used by CSS and Javascript to provide the style and the interaction required for your application.

Style (CSS3) – The separation of content and presentation, CSS is a programmatic set of rules which tells the browser how to render and display the content in the HTML document. CSS3 made us do away with Flash entirely (Damn you Adobe).

Cross-browser testing – How does the page look and behave in other browsers and devices? It doesn’t necessarily need to perform exactly the same in every browser, but it should be functional and the content should be easily readable and engaging.

Accessibility – Is the HTML document structured so that screen readers and assistive technologies can easily access and interpret the content? Accessibility also improves your search engine visibility. Google’s web crawler is like the world’s most active blind user on the Internet.

Templates, CMS integration, and frameworks – All these things usually need to be integrated into a CMS or other server-side framework or web application. Part of front end development includes familiarity or ability to learn the control structures and conditionals of development languages used by content management systems and server-side frameworks.

Javascript programming – JavaScript is a simple scripting language invented specifically for use in web browsers to make websites more dynamic.

Usability and User Experience – How will people actually use and interact with the system? Identify target audiences and create the best experience to motivate users to desired actions.

Performance – Now that you’ve put all this together, how does it perform? Can it scale? Can it be faster and more efficient? Can it do better in search engines? Can we make it easier?

Decades Of Experience – Let’s Get Started

Purchase 10 hours and Webvisuals will begin working
Webvisuals has been in business of converting any format Design to HTML-templates since 1998 (Don’t see that too often). We’ll start building HTML templates that can be used on static websites, dynamic templates, code snippets, or whatever you need.

If you’re on WordPress let me introduce you to my “little friend” Beaver Builder. The best Page Builder ever! We’ll install our Developer’s pagebuilder plugins ($300 value}. We’ll then build what you need with Beaver Builder and Themer. Create a template that you can go in afterwards and edit it “WISYWIG” style.


If you have questions you can send them securely to Webvisuals.

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