WordPress Maintenance

We set out to make website maintenance for WordPress websites simple and cost-effective.

Wordpress Website Maintenance
The legendary NorthWest Rain Drop

A rain drop is symbolic for a quarter hour of work.

Get ongoing support and a freelance web designer to work on your website! Our studio is located in the Pacific Northwest. We like the rain so much we named our maintenance plans after nautical weather events.

Typhoon - 160 rain drops
40-Hour Pack

$50 per hour
  • Tried and true, Typhoon Pack
  • The more you buy, the greater the discount rate - save $1000.
  • Used for big projects & website builds. 24 hour turnaround for urgent edits.
  • A fraction of the cost of hiring a full time in-house web designer/developer.
  • More familiar, the faster we work. Experienced help always available.

Squall - 40 rain drops
10-Hour Plan

$65 per hour
  • Squall Plan for a better rate.
  • Clients with a variety of tasks buy a block of 10 hours to save $100.
  • Used for WordPress web design and small development projects.
  • Prepaid hours never expire. Detailed time tracking available.
  • Take advantage of work volume to avoid the time to seek estimates.

Drizzle - 4 rain drops

$75 per hour
  • Drizzle Option - base hourly rate.
  • We can help. Lost in WordPress? What do you need done?
  • Web design, development, content creation, server setup, IT, we do alot.
  • WordPress and Plugin administration. Figuring out what is not working.
  • 1/4 hour tracking. 15 minute work intervals for efficient billing.

Website Maintenance Services Makes Sense

Get The Ongoing Website Support You Need

We offer affordable website maintenance pricing for organizations and businesses of any size.  Webvisuals is the best choice for one-stop, cost-effective, website maintenance, web design and managed WordPress hosting. We take care of your WordPress website so you and your staff don't have too!

Your website is a critical part of your business operations and overall success. We strive to offer exceptional service in an expeditious time frame, while providing the personal attention you deserve at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time in-house web designer/developer.

How it Works

1. Time intervals: Purchase time, use pre-purchased time, or ask for a time estimate
To fulfill your request our web developer/designer use 15 minute time intervals dedicated to your needs. To submit a request you must have intervals available on your account. To get your account filled with time intervals buy them from the above packages.

Unsure about how many intervals you will need? Not a problem! Contact us and one of our web savvy account strategist will review your needs and provide you with an estimate.

2. Submit Your Tasks
Submitting your request for tasks to be done is easy! Simply fill out our online request form or email us your changes. Once we receive your task we will confirm and add your request to the maintenance queue.

3. We Go To Work
Once your request is in the maintenance queue we guarantee a 96 hour turnaround time! Minimum time we work is .5 hours so it's better to give us your website changes grouped together. You can relax while we have our web gurus working day and night to fulfill your tasks.

4. Review Changes & Confirm Tasks Done
Once completed, we will send you notification to review our work. With your confirmation we mark the tasks off as complete. It's like having an in-house web designer and web developer without the cost or hassle.

Website Maintenance Systems

Time Tracking
Webvisuals has a proprietary time accounting system that tracks all details of activities on your account. A report is available at any time upon request.

Online Ticket System
Easy submission of requests via direct email to Webvisuals. Your email generates a traceable ticket and enters into a queue for rapid completion.

Contract Period
We like to say we earn your business each time we work with you.  There are no contracts or commitments.  If you need us, buy a block of hours and we are ready to serve.


It’s That Simple

Simply put, WordPress website maintenance provides you the opportunity to outsource the day-to-day, or tedious tasks associated with keeping your website updated. This includes updating content, changing styling, moving images or videos around, updating the site structure, updating links, or anything else you can imagine to keep a website up to date.

Ready to get started? Great! Simply choose a package that’s right for you and checkout securely using PayPal. Have a question about our services? Simply go to our contact page and send us a message and we will respond to you in no time.

It’s cheaper. The more hours you commit to, the lower your hourly rate is.

Saves you time. For multiple small projects, you can take advantage of your combined work volume, and avoid the need to seek estimates, manage multiple contracts, and pay multiple invoices. A monthly purchase of your preferred package can also stabilize your monthly services budget.

Ongoing improvement. We will be continuing to improve your websites and brand over a period of time without a huge initial investment from you. Having an up to date and modern website increases your business' authority.

Experienced help always available. Have an "Ace Worker" on call. Webvisuals reserves your interval time exclusively for you, so even if you have rush work, or an unplanned need, our creative & technical staff can respond to your needs immediately (weekdays).

Retain knowledge inside. Keeping us engaged represents a higher level of commitment from both parties to an ongoing working partnership that supports successful outcomes. Engaging Webvisuals.com on a monthly basis can insure that support staff gets the full advantage of our knowledge and guidance for your company.

Typical Requests We See

  1. Website design, site facelifts and makeovers
  2. Web page building
  3. Theme modifications & interaction design
  4. Content creation, maintenance, text re-writes and improvements
  5. Slideshow setup & animation production
  6. WordPress CMS (Content Management Systems) functionality development
  7. Graphic design for print
  8. Online form design & development
  9. Social media graphics
  10. YouTube video design & production, upload and add video
  11. Email template design
  12. Document design & PDF development, upload PDF or DOC files
  13. Keyword research & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) implementation
  14. Website analytic reports & monitoring
  15. Google AdWords & SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  16. IA (Information Architecture)
  17. Wire framing for screen blueprint
  18. WordPress training videos & live via GoToMeeting
  19. WordPress training videos
  20. Strategic internet research, recommendations and consulting
  21. IT support & figuring out technical issues
  22. Researching New Technology
  23. eCommerce: Add products & management
  24. And: promotions, sales, or coupons, add breaking news or upcoming events, update testimonials, add a new employee, create a new page, create or modify image / photos
  25. Adding, testing, recommending and updating plugins (also offered with Managed Hosting)
  26. Adding analytics to the website (also offered with Managed Hosting)

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