1 Page Websites

One page websites utilizing the power of WordPress

1 Page Websites

One page websites utilizing the power of WordPress

Single page websites can be great for new sites and special projects.

Advantages of a 1 Page Website

You want a website that communicates with your audience and gets results. These are the things that a single page website is best at. It’s more focused than a standard website and more elegant than a mere landing page. Rather than navigating through numerous pages, visitors to your site will be able to find exactly what they are looking for and make an informed decision.

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Website Custom Designed For Your Brand

Each Webvisuals 1 page Website is designed and built from scratch in the state of Washington. Your business is unique so your website should be as well. Each site will be designed specifically for your brand and content. You won’t be receiving a pre-made template, it will be a brand new site.

One Page WordPress Sites are Mobile Responsive

There’s no question that today websites need to be render correctly on all kinds of devices – from smartphones to tablets and laptops. One page WordPress websites work well for mobile viewing. The long-form design is ideal for smart phones and tablets because it performs just like an app, making it reader friendly and perfect for smaller screens.

WordPress Custom Post Types (CPT) For Easy Website Management

Webvisuals uses WordPress Custom Post Types (CPT) to manage content so that they are completely separate from the blog posts. Each CPT has its own custom panel which makes it very simple to manage and update your content.

SEO Optimized

Carefully coded with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices embedded into the custom built WordPress 1 Page website. With ability to tie in pages to the front page of the 1-Pager one can target keywords with their business offerings.

One Page WordPress Sites Eliminate Clicks and Sidebars

Although one-page websites still have navigation, when you click a menu link it doesn’t load a brand new page, rather it “scrolls down” to the right content on the same page. This functionality can be used throughout the site or only on the homepage for a high initial impact and impression. And because your content is organized visually on the homepage in “panels” it eliminates the need for the old style design using sidebars. Additionally, 1 Page WordPress websites typically keep users’ interest longer which translates into higher conversions and less abandonment.

1 Page Websites Are Visually Compelling With Less Content

The reality is that most websites have way too much content. And studies show that people don’t “read” on the web: they skim. So one-page WordPress websites are perfect for presenting your most important content they way people actually use the web – by skimming – and provides visual or textual anchors for users as they scroll down the page using icons, call-outs, illustrations, diagrams or other visual clues.

If you’re a small business and have a limited copy writing budget, this type of website can help you visually compete with the big guys and focus on your core content without having to write full pages to fill space on a website – that your users won’t read any way!

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