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Managed WP
Secure SSL Hosting

$395 per year
  • Built specifically for WordPress to optimize the speed, reliability and security of your website.
  • Premium plugins & theme framework included. Translated, they're free! Purchased separately to host elsewhere the cost is over $750.
  • We manage daily backups, restores, SSL certificates, domain settings, security fixes, patches, WP core and plugin updates. Domains are configured. Servers kept secured and upgraded.
  • Keeping your WordPress installation up-to-date is extremely important. New updates provide the latest bug and security fixes. Plugins tested first.

Shopping Cart
Managed WP eCommerce Hosting

$495 per year
  • Drive growth for your eCommerce store with our cart hosting platform. Managed ecommerce hosting to grow your online business. Speed up your store with blazing fast cloud providers,
  • eCommerce plans built specifically for WordPress to optimize the speed, reliability and security of your site. Use Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, or Ekwid.
  • We pay for the premium Plugins. Translated, they're free to you! $750+ value!
  • We’ll take care of the technical stuff so you can focus on running your store, creating your products, and growing your loyal customer base.

Umbrella Combo Plan
Combine WP Hosting with 10-Hour Plan

$945 Combo Plan
  • Squall Combo Plan - SAVE $200
  • Combine Managed WP SSL Hosting with the Squall 10-Hour Plan and start upgrading your website or get a start on a new custom one.
  • Your one-stop for WordPress maintenance, web design, development, and Managed WP Hosting.
  • 10 hours of exceptional web design & dev. Get the ongoing website maintenance you gotta have at a reduced rate of $55/hr. Hours never expire.
  • Good fit for companies not looking to spend too much money up front. We can do alot in those 10 hours. Online form dev, web page design, theme mods, fix broken stuff, move site and more.

Umbrella Combo Plan
Combine WP Hosting with 40-Hour Pack

$2295 Combo Pack
  • Typhoon Combo Pack - SAVE $1100
  • Combine Managed WP SSL Hosting with the Typhoon 40-Hour Plan and get a decent-sized custom website built!
  • Get a WordPress agency for maintenance, web design, development, and managed hosting.
  • 40 hours of exceptional web design & dev. Get the ongoing website support you need at our lowest rate $47.50/hr.
  • Improve your websites and brand over a period of time without a huge initial investment. We take care of your WordPress website so you and your staff don't have too!

Get A Hosting Plan Designed For WordPress

Professional-Grade Web Hosting You Can Count On.

We’ll treat your sites just like they’re our own. This starts with using the exact same performance and security configurations we use for our own sites. We promise 99% uptime, unparalleled security, amazing speed and stability, SSL option, dedicated IP's, and support.

Each plan requires a minimum commitment of one year, which is charged at an annual rate. Payments can be made via PayPal, credit card or by check. Once payment is received we go to work setting up your server account then we will contact you when it's ready.

Hosting Benefits

Premium Plugins Included
We pay for the premium Plugins when we build you a custom WordPress website. Plugin's like: Gravity Forms, Beaver Page BuilderThemer, Custom Theme Framework, MegaMenu, Layer Slider, Toolset, UberMenu to name a few. Over $700 value if purchased on another hosting platform.

Managed Updates
We keep your site secure without you having to think about it. Whenever WordPress issues a security update, we test it, and then proactively apply it to your site.

Enterprise Architecture
Every customer of Webvisuals benefits from a robust, secure, performance-oriented architecture designed specifically for custom-designed WordPress websites.

Top-Shelf Hardware
We always use high performance SSD Linux servers with the most stable version of Nginx web server for our custom-site-design infrastructure.

Strong Emphasis On Security
We use Malware scanning. There are several layers of password brute force mitigation. A web application firewall along with multiple layers of DDoS mitigation.

The Latest Software
We stay current with recommended versions of PHP, a server side scripting language and MySQL, an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) for WordPress.

Unlimited Data Transfer
We offer unlimited data transfer over our 40GBIT Network.

WordPress Website Backups
Is there anything worse than a total crash of your WordPress website? We perform a complete backup of all updated files and WordPress database on a weekly basis.

Why We Recommend Managed Hosting?

Your WordPress website needs regular maintenance to perform as it should. Updates are always being made to WordPress itself as well as themes and plugins, and keeping your installation up-to-date is extremely important, especially since so many WordPress updates are security fixes and patches that will prevent potential exploits of the vulnerabilities of your website and/or blog.

Because WordPress is so popular, it is constantly being targeted by hackers who will try to tap into your site and wreak havoc. As soon the developers of WordPress find these vulnerabilities, they create patches to fix them, leading to regular updates that will keep your WordPress installation clean and safe. If you do not keep your WordPress installation current, you risk becoming the next victim to malicious attacks that can be easily prevented by keeping your WordPress code up-to-date.

Because this can be a cumbersome task, Webvisuals has created the Managed WordPress Maintenance Service Plan. This will help you make the most of WordPress and stay on top of all the latest advances happening for WordPress.

We Promise:

  • To treat your web sites like our own in terms of performance, security, and smart advice.
  • To respond to your support needs in a fast and courteous manner.
  • To listen to your feedback for changes as both WordPress and the web evolves.
  • Custom code is seperate from hosting and plugin updates. Those type of fixes will be billable hours.
  • If things go wrong, we’ll make them right. We’re all in this together.

Can I Move a WordPress Website To Webvisuals?

We’d love it if you did!  Pick a Managed WordPress Hosting Plan and lets get started.

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