Redesigning WordPress Themes

Have an existing WordPress Theme and want it changed?


You know what you want your website to look like. Hire Webvisuals to create the WordPress theme you really want.

We Can Make Your WordPress Theme Look Better

Have you noticed that every site out there that uses the same theme or most theme frameworks, look like clones. Every premium theme offers you custom layouts but that means you still have to put your content where they want you to. Does spending hours looking for “the right” theme sound familiar? So stop wasting time looking for themes. Webvisuals will design and develop the theme you want.

Custom Website for

Custom Website for NW icon Done in 2017

What is a WordPress Themes

What gives a WordPress website it’s look and feel and website architecture is a Theme. Themes are a collection of program files and images. Webvisuals offers two options when designing themes with WordPress. We can design a custom WordPress website by building a custom theme that is unique to your organization or we can customize an existing WordPress theme.

Custom, One-Of-A-Kind WordPress Theme Designs

Wouldn’t you prefer your own unique company website design versus a theme used by thousands?

A custom designed WordPress theme is our choice for the best way to get what you want. We spent the last two and half years researching and testing all the best WordPress theme frameworks, plug-ins, website design code bases out there, took our findings and mixed in 28 years of UI design experience and created our own Custom WP Design Framework. With this powerful creation engine there are no limitations. We can design high-end, responsive WordPress websites with a unique, one-of-a-kind, user interface designs and interactions that make you stand out in the competitive landscape.

Already have a web designer? That’s great, we love web designers. We can work with them and convert their provided UI designs, (in .PSD, .PNG .jpg .svg .ai files formats) into a new theme design for your WordPress website.

Redesigning Your Existing Theme

Like your existing WordPress theme but just want to change a few things we can help there as well. With our trusty web builder tools and website design systems we can make desired modifications to the pre-designed templates associated with your theme. This would be a good way to start improving your website gradually and monitor how the changes impact website traffic.

Adding Custom Functionality To Your Theme

We can develop Custom Post Types (CPT) for your custom or existing theme that will provide easy-to-use admin tools to maintain the content without fooling around with HTML or the WordPress content editor. Simply enter the text and media via the CPT’s own database fields and the smart page template assigned to it will take care of the rest.

This Sounds To Good To Be True

It’s all true but for these type of WordPress website improvements come at a cost. For the budget minded redesigning an existing WordPress theme will run between $250 to $500. For the company looking to dramatically improve their existing WordPress web presence on our custom theme design solution starts at $1000. Bigger websites run up to $5000 and beyond.

Alot clients know what they want and are ready to go with changes in mind.
Buying a block of hours is a cost effective way to begin an engagment and we hit the ground running getting things done for you.


If you have questions you can send them securely to Webvisuals.

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