WordPress Scenes

Like Wordpress Slideshows & Galleries But Better.


Utilizing the best Slideshow Editors we create interactive WordPress slideshows that draw the user into your website.

Wow Your Website Traffic

Looking to make your site look more professional and to separate from your competition? Want that extra something that is not flash and works on Apple iPhone and iPad? Then let Webvisuals produce you a WordPress scene (A.K.A. slideshow), that grabs your website traffic’s attention and moves them to go where you want.

How Webvisuals Does It

Traditional slideshows show a photo with a text overlay then the next photo, rinse, repeat… boring! With the latest advances in HTML5 & CSS3 technology so much more is possible for today’s web and smart phone browsers. We can take the main points of your website and feature them in an engaging and interactive presentation similar to television commercials.

We Build The Tools So You Maintain The Messaging

We figured out how to tie in WordPress Custom Post Types (CPT) with the Layerslider technology so that you have easy to use, customized admin tools to change the text and images within the WordPress Scene that we create for you.

Yea, but How Much Is It Going To Cost Me

It depends on the time involved to produce your WordPress Scene. Typically, if you are organized, know what you want to say and even have photos & imagery to provide prices start at $300. For more complicated scene designs and development typically between $900 to $1200 will get you what you want. Fee includes purchase, setup, customization and installation of LayerSlider.

Some More Noteworthy Features

  • Mobile Friendly & Touch Sensitive. Works on mobile devices and supports touch navigation
  • Dynamic Sliders from WP posts & pages
  • Super smooth hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions with jQuery fallback
  • Fully responsive & multiple layouts support
  • High compatibility with many fallback features for old browsers
  • Lazy loading images for better performance
  • Unlimited layers with image, video, audio, text or custom HTML content
  • SEO friendly
  • Multiple sliders can be added on the same page
  • Unlimited variations of usage (image slider, image slider with text, content slider, video gallery slider, mixed content slider, banner rotator, carousel, etc.)
  • Easy to use with YouTube, Vimeo or HTML5 videos or audios
  • Auto-pause slideshow while videos or audios are playing
  • Auto-play videos and audios (optional)

To get started we recommend purchasing 10 hours of design time to start the creation process of wowing your vistiors.

If you have questions you can send them securely to Webvisuals.

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