The objective, to make Julie's photography the star of the web design.

photography web design

WordPress admin tools were built to easily maintain a photography news section.


This photography news section now takes minutes to create and maintain.

Photography Web Design for Julie Watts Photo

Company Name:

Julie Watts Photo


Auburn, WA

Industry Served:

Portrait & Product Photographer

Size of Site:

6 to 20 pages

Site Status:

Up and Running, Newer Version, Wv Archival


Nov, 2014

Version 4 of Photo Website

Julie, the photographer, gave strict guidelines to keep the photographer's web design muted so the color and compositions of her photography really stood out.

Julie Watts has been working with Webvisuals for over a decade. In Version 4’s web design we decided to move her site to the WordPress platform and get rid of the flash that we created for version 3. Webvisuals asked Julie to scour through all the photography WordPress themes and pick the top 5 she liked best. She found one in particular that caught her fancy and Webvisuals took this direction to create a responsive web design that matched her photographic vision.

Photography Web Design With SEO Baked-In

Another reason for the website redesign was too target her new markets of “corporate photography”, “product photography”, and “artistic photography”.  These main keywords were coded into the gallery templates, sprinkled with location keywords like Seattle and Auburn for SEO goodness.  Webvisuals also built introductory tools for Julie to easily manage the messaging in her Web Design that also automatically tied into the sites SEO strategy.

A Webvisuals scene was created for the home page with colorful visuals that really popped on the great new user interface. Her contact form was synced with Google Analytic’s so she would know how many people hit her contact form, plus keep track if it was submitted or not.

WordPress Website With A Photography Web Design

WordPress is tuned up with the latest plugins and security updates along with core updating and weekly backups. Julie likes that this WordPress website is so speedy and that her photography work looks so good on it.


It is a pleasure to work with for over a decade. What I like best is they take the time to listen to my vision and critiques and, with ego-less attitude, proceed to design and build a photography website that I'm proud to call my own.

Julie Watts


Services Used

UI Mockups & Screenshots