HTML To WordPress Conversion

Company Name:

Ambush Pest Control


Henderson, NV

Industry Served:

Commercial & Residential Pest Control

Size of Site:

6 to 20 pages

Site Status:



May, 2003

Final Days:

December, 2022

Ambush Pest Home page

We built Ambush Pest Control's original HTML website in 2003. Although it stood the test of time for 17 years, it sorely needed to be updated to the WordPress CMS.

Version 1. – Hand-Coded HTML & CSS

Ambush Pest Control is a family owned and operated company that has been in business since 1991. They service residential and commercial customers on a monthly basis throughout the greater Las Vegas area and Boulder City. Ambush was one of Webvisuals first customers when we opened our doors for business in November of 2002 (after the tech bubble melt down).

Version 1 of the website was designed and developed using HTML, CSS, DHTML, JavaScript and CGI. The information architecture was developed back then and still holds 20 years later for SEO and information retention.

Version 2. – WordPress With A Custom Theme and Page Builder Tools

We were chomping at the bit to rebuild this site with 17 years of experience building websites and the platforms that support them under our belt.

We set out to update all the photos to (much) bigger sizes and replace (last decade) outdated looks. From analytics we found that the “Worst Pest Problems” in NV had quite the traffic flow from Google searches. We redesigned the “look” and added cross sells pointing that traffic to the “Get Help” form. A lot of organic leads came through this method.

Version X. – Ambush Was Bought, Sites Twilight

The writing is on the wall, a new company bought Ambush in 2022 and they are going to consolidate and move over to their current site Las Vegas Pest Control.

We find it very rewarding to have helped a business be successful plus that our work survived for 20 years and will live on in a new form. Vive La

UI Mockups & Screenshots